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Master in Psychology Application Preparation Course

Securing a seat in Master in Psychology programs is extremely tough competition, and many promising students misunderstand the key selection criteria, resulting in missed opportunities.

This online preparation course is designed to demystify the application and interview process and help you unlock your potential for success. Enroll today to prepare for your application.

Dr Ross King

Clinical psychologist & clinical supervisor.
Master of Psychology selection committee member, applicant interviewer & educator.
This course is delivered by Dr Ross King, a clinical psychologist with 35 years experience in public mental health and private sectors. Over 28 years, Dr King has interviewed thousands of master program applicants and taught over 500 provisional psychologists.

Dr King is the former Course Chair of the Master of Psychology (Clinical) Course at Deakin University, and more recently the Deputy Chair of Deakin’s Master of Professional Psychology.


My good scores will guarantee the success of my application.

Good scores will NOT get you very far in the Master of Psychology selecting process, because it focuses on professional competency & compatibility, not just academic performance.

The selection process doesn't see personal traits.

Selection process aim to examine if the applicant has what it takes to become a psychologist, and some personal traits will be favoured or red flagged.

As long as I'm confident, I can ace the interview.

During the selection interview applicants are highly likely be asked some clinical or roleplay questions outside the scope of honours study. Understand this and prepare in advance.
preparing for success


Pathways explained

A comprehensive comparison of different psychologist registration pathways

Selection insights

Guide you through the Master's selection process, hidden requirement and insights

CV & experiences

Explain what is considered good relevant experience and how to craft your CV accordingly

Supporting documents

How to prepare key application materials, such as referee reports and personal statement

Inside the interview

Walk-through the process, common questionas and tips about the selection interview

Personality matters

Understand your personal traits & strengths through evidence-based psychometric tests

Master in Psychology
Application Preparation Course


The Application Preparation Course gave me insightful information that I didn't have access to before, helping me stand out and play to my personality's strengths


Psychology Honours Student,
University of Canberra
The Master of Psychology programs highly values professional experience so it's critically important we understand how to craft the CV and personal statement to be a successful applicant.


Master of Clinical Psychology Candidate,
University of Melbourne
Dr Ross King used example questions to help me understand my advantage and shortcomings relevant to the master's course, so I'm able to navigate the interview with great confidence.

Master of Clinical Psychology Candidate,
La Trobe University

Application insights. | Craft your CV. | Personal Statement. | Prepare for interview. | Self-reflection. | Registration Pathways.

Navigate your application with confidence with the knowledge, toolkit and insights from the Master of Psychology Application Preparation Course. Enroll today to get started on your journey of success.  
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